Our Story


Our story

Amy Davis and Heather Bragg were both born and raised in Fullerton and became fast friends in Kindergarten. Almost 40 years later we’re more like family. This new adventure all started with a trip to a cheese shop for Heather’s birthday and after having great cheese, a good time and plenty of wine…We decided that Fullerton needed its own cheese shop. After months of learning and research (researching cheese is tough work but somebody’s got to do it), we put our love of cheese in motion and we are finally beginning this adventure together by opening up our shop in Downtown Fullerton.

Now that the City will allow us to “roll our ball” we are going to start keeping you all in the loop. We want to share our journey and make you a part of our family so that when we open, you’re right at home. So don’t forget to sign up to get your invite and updates.