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—  Taste  —

With over 100 + varieties of cheese from around the world in constant rotation……



—  Soft  —
With bloomy rinds or washed rinds. Soft cheese is our favorite. Most popular would be Camembert & Brie but there’s so much more.

—  Semi-Soft —
The moisture content is lower (approx 40-45%) but it still packs creaminess.

—  Hard  —
Moisture level drops as low as 35% in this category. Pressed and often aged, they’re mostly used in cooking but taste great when they stand alone.

—  Bleus & Fresh—
These both could fall in the soft or semi-soft categories but can hold their own here. From California’s own Point Reyes Bleu to fresh burrata.


—  French—
Known as charcuterie, France is best known for Pate, Encased Meats and Rillettes instead of the cured meats.

—  Italian  —
We all know Italian cured & encased meats but unlike the French, the meat is known as Salumi. There are so many choices but the most popular are the Salami’s and Prosciutto’s.

—  Spanish  —
Jamón Ibérico de Bellota is the most expensive cured meat out there but you can also find other great meats coming from Spain.

— American —
America doesn't have the history those other countries do in regards to cured meat but that doesn’t mean that there aren’t some amazing products born here in the U.S.A..

We couldn’t possibly list them all so you will just have to come in and learn all the stories behind the cheese we stock. The cheesemonger will help you along your journey.


—  Farm Fresh  —
Farmers are important to California and to us as well. We try to only buy our fruits, veggies, nuts & honey from local growers.

—  Baked Fresh —
What’s better to eat with some cheese? We offer the best crackers and bread from our favorite bakers.

—  Specialty Foods  —
Sauces, Balsamic’s, preserves and seasonings will all be a part of preparing our amazing menu in addition to being stocked in our retail section.

—  Beer & Wine  —
Not everyone is a wine drinker “GASP” (Heather can’t fathom) but don’t worry, there are great beers that go with cheese. Come in and see!